Service and Billing


Establishing or Transferring Phone Service

    To establish or to transfer new residential or business telephone service, please call your Customer Service Center at 662-862-2191.
    To enable us to process your order to establish phone service, we will need to know the following:


    1. Complete street address (with floor, suite, or apartment number). If you can provide the name and phone number of the person who lived there before, it will help us respond faster to your request for service. Please note that we must have your address before we can complete your request for new service. If you do not know your address, your local county court house should have this information.
    2. How you would like your name to appear in our next directory.
    3. Any custom calling features you might want to subscribe to.
    4. Any information about your previous telephone service.
    5. Your social security number.
    6. A name and contact number of a relative or close friend whom we could contact in case there are any questions regarding your service.


Installation Rates

    Installation rates will vary with the needs of your service. There are many steps involved in installing your phone service, but not every customer needs each step. The amount of work needed to install phone service for you will depend on the type of facilities and services you want.

Deposit Policy

    Customers may be asked to pay a deposit to establish telephone service. The amount of your deposit is determined when you apply for service. If you are requesting a second line, a new deposit may be required.

You Will Be Billed for Changes In Your Service

    All changes, except termination of service, and disconnection of certain options, require a service charge. The amount you are charged depends on the type of change requested.

Residential Rates

    Telephones located in residences and used primarily for domestic purposes are entitled to the rate for residential service. If, however, such service is used substantially for, or advertised for business purposes, the business rate will be applied.

Business Rates

    Service subject to the business rate may be determined by the location of the telephone instrument, or the primary use made of the service. The business rate will apply when the telephone is located on premises primarily and essentially used for business purposes. The business rate may also apply to telephones located in domestic establishments when the service is used substantially for or advertised for business purposes.

Construction/Remodeling/Home-Office Improvements

    If you are building or remodeling your home or office, please give us a call at 662-862-2191. We can install telephone wires before the walls are put up or you may pre-wire it yourself.


Your Telephone Bill

How You Are Billed

    Charge for local service and equipment are billed one month in advance. Long distance service, and repair charges are billed in arrears

How, When, & Where To Pay Your Bill

    Statements for telephone service are rendered monthly to reach subscribers on or near the 25th of each month. Accounts are payable upon receipt and should be paid before the 5th of each month. Statements not paid before the 10th of each month are delinquent and are charge a 2% late payment penalty.

    You monthly statement contains a self-addressed envelope. Please use this envelope and return the front page of your bill with your check or money order. If you have mislaid the front page, write your telephone number on the check or money order. Payments may be dropped in the night depository box located outside the local office.

    For your convenience, we also have bank drafting services for our customers. Please call 662-862-2191 if you would like to know more about this convenient service.

    You can mail your payment to Fulton Telephone Company P.O. Drawer 1519 Fulton, MS 38843 or pay your bill at the local service office in Fulton or you can pay your bill
    online. You can save time and error if you use your payment portion of your bill when paying your bill.

Errors On Your Bill

    If you have a question of your bill, call 662-862-2191. Explain the possible error to the representative who will help you. If the error cannot be resolved, please pay the undisputed charges on time so you will maintain a good payment record while the problem is being investigated.

Paying The Bill On Time, So Your Service Will Not Be Disconnected

    If your payments are not received by the due dates, or you do not meet your mutually agreed upon payment arrangements, your telephone service may be disconnected. Accounts not fully paid by the 10th (unless prior arrangements have been made) are subject to disconnect policies.

How To Get Your Service Restored

    All past charges must be paid before your service can be reconnected, and you will be charged a restoral fee. You may be asked to pay a new deposit.

Billing Matters

    You are entitled to a partial refund of your local service charge if your phone is out of service 48 hours or more and you are unable to make or receive calls and have notified the telephone company repair service of the malfunction. Upon notification to your telephone company's business office, you will receive a credit on your next monthly bill for the amount of time your service was our of order.